Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worlf of Warcraft Farming Bot help you a happy life

Looking for the best WoW farming Bot? You have come to the best place. I'm going to be informing you concerning the Bot you have been waiting for designed with gold & resource harvesting in your mind. Supporting every flying and ground mount, this gathering bot makes you thousands of gold per hour farming ore, herbs, and gas clouds. This is an incredible bot better than the rest without doubt.

With this particular wow farming bot you are able to swiftly fill your bags with materials worth a large number of gold.

Gatherbuddy includes a large amount of features to make it worth-while.

* Support for every Ground and Flying Mount

* Full Background Mode

* Gathers Ore, Herbs, and Gas Clouds

* Customizable Fighting System

* Detects other Players

* Logs and Hearths on full Inventory

* Follows Efficient Farming Routes

What can the WoW farming bot DO?

Every Class Supported

The wow farming bot works with every class and configuration.While combat is not the bot's focus, it features a customizable combat system for working with players and adds. Configure your fighting style and spells with complicated macross.

Background Mode

Gatherbuddy runs seemlessly whether Wow may be the active window or otherwise. Play games, watch a movie, see the web, or continue to use your pc while Gatherbuddy farms.

Acts As being a Player

The wow farming bot runs much like a player. Using Warcraft's "click to move" it
sends your personality immediately where it really wants to go. Whenever your inventory is full it doesn't still try to loot nodes and instead hearths and logs you safely from the game. With Gatherbuddy you can turn WoW right into a source of income.

The Definite Online Community

Gatherbuddy comes with an incredibly active network, sharing the very best botting and gold farming tips, guides, and tricks. Desire to learn how to make the most cash with gatherbuddy, or what professions to pair together? The internet forum is an absolute must have resource, also offering community made farming profiles and support.

Farming & Gathering with Gatherbuddy

The wow farming bot is assembled with resource gathering in mind. The bot covers an issue of minutes, following profiles which are often the speediest and many efficient gathering  routes. Identify whether you are a Herbalist, Miner, Engineer, or a mix of the 3, and the bot will gather just the nodes that correspond with your professions.

Big bucks

Even the largest bags could be filled in a few hours with wow bots. You are able to put these resources to whatever use you would like, whether you use these phones powerlevel a profession, or selling them in the sale house for gold. About the Gatherbuddy forums, you can look for a collection of profiles for leveling your mining or herbalism abilities from 1-450, or make your own personalised profiles. Thus, no matter your present professions, you could be farming ore and herbs in Northrend in no time. You'll love it!

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